Elaine is a freelance sound engineer specialising in recording and live stage sound and is the technical manager at Bergen Kjøtt. Her career focus today is acoustic music recording, as well as being a live sound engineer for both music and theatre. She was born in Chicago, and grew up playing the viola in an orchestra. 

Becoming a singer-songwriter led her to a degree program at the University of Miami with a music engineering focus, where she switched to complete her degree in music composition and studio music production. Elaine has recorded and worked with several acoustic ensembles, artists and festivals, including Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra, Bergen National Opera, Bit20 Ensemble and Festspillene i Bergen.

IRENE BJØRKE (she/her)

Irene Bjørke works as a sound engineer for Creative Technology in Bergen. She has an education in folk music and musicology with the Harding fiddle as her main instrument, but has through practical experience has built up competence and skills as a sound engineer. 

Her career as a sound engineer started as a curious culture student at Kroa in Bø in Telemark, and her enthusiasm for sound and stage technology led to many years of voluntary work at Det Akademiske Kvarter when she moved to Bergen. Here, Irene was among other things, head of the technician group Kraftetaten, which is responsible for all technology and technicians at the concert venue. 

For well over 8 years, Irene has worked as a professional sound technician at several clubs and cultural centres in Bergen, as well as regularly freelanced for large technical suppliers such as Bright and Konsertsystemer. The spectrum of jobs is everything from large festival and concert productions with Norwegian and international artists, corporate events and conferences, to more intimate concerts, workshops and other artistic performances. Now the goal is to help recruit a new generation of sound engineers who can further develop the sound industry and realise future sound experiences.


Jorunn works as a sound recordist and sound designer on audiovisual productions. She loves to explore the possibillities sound has to tell stories and make pictures come alive. Jorunn graduated from the Norwegian Film School in Lillehammer in 2012 and was responsible for the feature films Kiss Me for Hell (2013), Svenskjävel (2015), Villmark 2 (2015) and Suicide Tourist (2019), as well as a number of short films. Jorunn is part of Duper Studio at Bergen Kjøtt.


 Oda Førde Braanaas Oda Førde Braanaas is a sound engineer, social worker and musician with the band Utflod. Oda got interested in sound technology in 2009. She has a bachelor degree in music/sound production, and has worked on and off as a sound engineer since 2011. Today Oda works mainly as a social worker, but sometimes she dives back to her roots. Turning knobs, touching screens, connecting cables and having the best live music experiences that anyone can dream of.


Erik Alfredsen is Teknisk sjef at Det Akademiske Kvarter, Bergen. He has years of experience working as a freelancer within live sound, sound production and also with TV and media as a field recorder and in post production as a sound designer. Helping other technicians with new skills set to become better is what motivates him to keep doing what he does!


Mark is the Technical Coordinator for Carte Blanche, The Norwegian National Company of Contemporary Dance. Originally from the UK, Mark moved to Bergen in February 2021. Mark has been working in Technical Theatre for the last 20 years, and has worked at The Royal National Theatre, Soho Theatre, Sadlers Wells, The Roundhouse and was Technical Manager at The Marlowe Theatre, Canterbury for the last 10 years.


Martine Green is a woman with a passion for music, sound and people. She is a multi-instrumentalist, vocalist and sound engineer with experience from Den Nationale Scene as well as freelance at many different venues since 2018.


Kristoffer Jonsson is the CFO and one of the founders of Bergen Ento AS. Specialising in live audio production, both as a systems technician, FoH engineer, and systems engineer. His focus is mainly designing robust, smart solutions for touring acts. Kristoffer and the rest of Bergen Ento design and deploy touring solutions, as well as supplying several larger international touring acts with high end professional engineers.