GRIP is a course series aiming to give more people the opportunity to learn, develop skills and gain practical experience in sound engineering.

GRIP is open to everyone over the age of 18, and we emphasise our aim to welcome more women, non-binary and trans people in sound technician roles in Bergen’s cultural organisations. 

No previous experience is necessary.
GRIP offers both introductory and  in-depth courses in sound engineering for beginners as well as developmental courses to support trainees on the path to working professionally as sound technicians. 

You don´t need to want to be a sound engineer to join GRIP! We recognise that many people working in music, culture, education and youth work would like to feel more empowered in sound technology. GRIP aims to give a base introduction to gear, technical terms, setting up a PA and trouble-shooting. 


The GRIP one-day introductory course offers a basic introduction to sound engineering for live events. The course is a way to start to build expertise in sound engineering, confidence and networks!

Through theoretical and practical demonstrations and tasks, participants get to know how a sound system works, routines for setting up sound equipment and good practice for creating sound for live events.


GRIP stage 1 for beginners consists of a course series with six practical workshops where we learn how to use mixers and PA systems for live concerts, performances and club nights. Including:

  • PA system and how it works
  • Mixer and mixing live
  • Microphones and how they can be used
  • Stage rigging and lines 
  • Back line 
  • Workflow, communication, planning and structuring of the job 
  • Hands-on experience and a practical approach to the job as a sound engineer. 

Participants also gain practical experience together with professional sound technicians at live events at Bergen Kjøtt, BIT Teatergarasjen, Borealis- a  festival for experimental music, Carte Blanche and Vill Vill Vest.


GRIP stage 2 aims to support trainees who have completed stage 1. Through the stage 2 course, trainees gain more confidence and focused experience in live sound mixing, gear and working with artists. Stage 2 aims to offer trainees a path into working as a professional sound technician! Workshops in this course include:

Do it yourself: setting yourself up as a freelance sound engineer

An introduction in managing your time, business, accounts and communications when working as a freelance sound engineer. In addition, this course will introduce how to establish your rates, manage working across different jobs, read different riders and make sure you´re prepared for the job.

Get to grips with: the mixer!

An in-depth tutorial and practice in mixing live sound.

Rigging and mixing live sound - for real

A live session with a full band to rig, soundcheck and mix as if a real concert. During this session trainees will gain a better understanding of reading a rider, setting up the gear, sound checking and then mixing live sound.
Get to grips with: different mixers!

An introduction to how to use and feel comfortable on different mixers. Trainees will be introduced to a few different mixers, consoles and interfaces that you may encounter on different jobs in different venues including the Pro series, Midas M32 / X32, Soundcraft and more.

This session takes place at the headquarters of Creative Technology, Bergen. Trainees are also introduced to the inner-workings of a large-scale rental company, like CT who are supplying many organisations, festivals and stages around Bergen and Norway.

Get to grips with: wireless microphones!

An introduction to the set-up, use and troubleshooting of wireless microphones. How to configure them into the mixer and venue, how to prepare for different models of rented mics and how to troubleshoot when it goes wrong.