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Hi! I'm Priscilla and I'm an up and coming sound engineer. I have been interested in music since an early age and through GRIP I managed to fulfil my desire to make it my livelihood. 

I enjoy working in festivals and live productions. I am particularly fond of jazz and funk, but I have found myself working with artists from all walks of life, from DJ's to hard rock bands. I believe that flexibility and experience are essential to my development as a professional and therefore I like to enrol in as many projects as I'm able to in order to hone my skills and learn more about my craft. I want to be as multifaceted as possible and be able to provide my knowledge and services to both companies and private clients. 


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Just a bergengirl getting her bachelor’s degree in film- and tv-production with a specialization in audio. I have a background in theatre so I’ve always enjoyed both being on- and off-stage :’) 


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Hello! My name is Malene and I am a new sound engineer:) I have been involved in music from a young age, with singing as my main instrument. I also have experience from theatre, and work actively to bring these perspectives into my work with sound. On a daily basis, I study theater studies at UiB and work freelance as a singer.

Through GRIP, I have shadowed technicians at various events, including during Meteor 2023 and Trans Awareness Week 2023. I was also a line technician at Kulturhuset during Vill Vill Vest 2023.

I have learned an incredible amount through GRIP, and look forward to further developing myself as a sound engineer!



Emilie Wright (they/them)
Inish Næss (they/them)
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Al Skua (they/them)
Adele Seip (she/her)
Aksel Persen (he/him)

Christine Larsen (she/her)
Malin Isabel Disco Guleng (she/her)
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Eline Rafteseth (she/her)
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Emilie Wright (they/them)
Al Skua (they/them)
Priscilla Alejandra Navas (she/her)
Bensen Thomas (they/them)
Eivor Slågedal (she/her)
Aksel Persen (he/him)
Rebeka Yosef Belay (she/her)


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Eline is a bassist and composer from Vestnes in Møre and Romsdal, currently residing in Bergen. In 2018, she completed her bachelor's degree in jazz at the Grieg Academy in Bergen and has been working independently as a performing musician and composer since then. In 2022-23, she was one of four composers commissioned to create a piece for the Borealis Festival, organised by Borealis Ung Komponist, and has previously distinguished herself as a bassist in various concerts and events (including Vill Vill Vest, Jazz i Sikte, Jazzintro, Eurosonic, and more). In her daily life, Rafteseth is active in bands such as Shakai, Nh3, Duesund, and Heavy Astro, working on multiple releases and also running the concert series "Playdate" at Landmark.

As a technician, she is interested in working with jazz, experimental, and improvisational music, smaller bands with acoustic instruments, and genres like folk music, singer-songwriters, and indie.

LISA C. SYSLAK (she/her/them)

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 While studying bachelor in theatre science I developed a growing fascination for sound, and became more curious of the behind the scenes work. After finishing my bachelor in theatre science i started studying music and sound production. I also actively searched for other ways to learn and broaden my horizon with courses, shadowing and working as a volunteer. In the beginning I wanted to focus more on theatre and behind the stage, but during both the GRIP course, volunteering and shadowing, I also found enjoyment in music events and working with bands and artists. 


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 I am a visual artist, master of archeology, lecturer in visual arts and manager of Magneten artcollective and Magneten volunteer station, a place where people come together through art, crafts and sosial activities. Magneten is also a venue for different conserts and theatre, and this sparked my interest for sound engenering.

To be able to make great sound behind the mixing table gives me joy. This is why I attended GRIP - Here I was able to learn more about sound engineering and visit different venues to learn how to use sound in different ways. This has enlarged my understanding and made me more confident behind the mixer. GRIP has given me the opportunity to do sound work for venues such as Landmark and Vill Vill Vest 2023.